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Paul Ellis Editorial & Research Services

The service I offer aims to help authors improve the text and layout of draft documents written for publication in English-language research journals, or as doctoral theses, primarily in the fields covered by business schools, including statistical and mathematical content.  
The majority of clients have English as a subsidiary language.  
Correction can be made to US English or to UK English, as required. 
The experience upon which this service is based includes research, consultancy, journalism and teaching, in a range of technology and business-related activities.  
Editorial work is conducted in my spare time
I have been working full-time in the Management Science and Operations (formerly Decision Sciences) Subject Area, at London Business School, since 2001. 


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When will your next paper be ready for editing?

As I am usually booked about four to eight weeks ahead of time, please let me know as soon as possible when you expect to need my services next